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Generic ATA Driver


Hardware Support

This driver supports any SFF compliant BIOS configured ATA interface.

By default it is used for a variety of devices that have no native driver (and documentation) as well as some devices where no further support is neccessary or desirable:

  • PC Tech Samurai
  • Holtek 6565
  • UMC 8673F
  • UMC 8886A
  • UMC 8888BF
  • HiNT VXPro II
  • VIA 82C561
  • Opti 82C558
  • Cenatek ATA RAM Disk
  • Toshiba Piccolo series (when pata_piccolo is not used)

Moreover it is used for broken devices that are incompatible with their native driver and operate with basic functionality:

  • nVIDIA MCP89 on Apple MacBook Pro(7,1) booted in legacy BIOS emulation mode[1][2]

Finally it is used for some virtual IDE devices:

  • Intel IDE-R (IDE Redirection) found at Intel AMT capable chipsets in combination with vPro capable processors

Modes Supported

PIO and DMA modes as selected by the BIOS. BIOS choice of PIO or DMA is respected so the BIOS options should be correctly set.


No mode change down.

Known Problems


Module Options

all_generic_ide - Set this and the module will drive any unbound devices that are or look SFF compliant.

This option is intended as a "last resort" when no other driver supports the controller.

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