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Legacy ATA


Hardware Support

ISA and other devices offering an ST416 style ATA interface.

There is specific controller support for:

  • HT6560A/B VLB
  • Opti 82C465MV VLB
  • Opti 82C611A VLB
  • Promise 20230C
  • Promise 20630
  • QDI 6500/6580/6580DP
  • Winbond W83759A

Modes Supported

PIO only, usually only PIO 0. Some VLB controllers have the modes configured by jumper and these will be respected.


Mostly hardware caused. User configuration required for most options.

Known Problems

None but most VLB support is BETA or ALPHA test

Module Options


  • all - Use this driver even for PCI devices. Intended as a last resort
  • probe_all - Also scan ISA ports 0x1e8, 0x168, 0x1e0, 0x160


  • ht6560a - bit 0 - primary interface is HT6560A, bit 1 - secondary interface is HT6560A
  • ht6560b - bit 0 - primary interface is HT6560B, bit 1 - secondary interface is HT6560B
  • opti82c611a - bit 0 - primary interface is Opti82C611A, bit 1 - secondary interface is Opti82C611A
  • opti82c46x - set to probe Opti 82C465MV Controllers
  • qdi - set to probe QDI controllers
  • winbond - set to probe Winbond W83759A in soft configuration mode


  • autospeed - set bit corresponding to controller if the device snoops mode changes
  • iordy_mask - set bits corresponding to devices supporting IORDY (default: all)
  • pio_mask - set bits corresponding to available PIO modes (0 = PIO 0 etc)

For a jumpered controller set pio_mask to the jumpered mode only and set autospeed

Note that pio_mask is currently not per controller

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