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Toshiba Super Companion Chip IDE


Hardware Support

Sony PlayStation 3 PCI IDE controller

Modes Supported



ATAPI UDMA is limited to UDMA 4

PlayStation 3 consoles using the official firmware 3.21 or newer are not usable because Sony has removed the OtherOS feature used for Linux installation. Consoles must have official firmware 3.15 or older in order to install Linux. It is possible though to use some exploits and run linux with newer official firmware(OFW) such as 3.41 using AsbestOS for example. That hack has been blocked with OFW 3.55 but a newer exploit has been released in order to circumvent it using the root keys needed to sign executables making possible to create custom firmware(CFW) based on 3.55. The CFW allows PS3 to run linux as GameOS (while gainning access to 7 SPEs). Sony blocked that exploit in OFW 3.56 and again a newer exploit has been released the same day it was released but a custom firmware based on 3.56 has not been released yet.

WARNING: Any user with CFW wanting to update to a newer vesion of the OFW must first overwrite the CFW with the same version OFW in order to avoid console bricking.

NOTICE: Latest OFW does not allow firmware downgrade.

Known Problems

PlayStation 3 Slim consoles are not supported because Sony does not support Linux installation as OtherOS.

UPDATE: Custom firmware(CFW) has been released by the hacker community allowing Linux installation on this PS3 version too. Linux will run as GameOS

Module Options


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