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Serverworks chipset PATA


Hardware Support

This driver supports the PATA controllers included with ServerWorks chipsets. Supported chipsets are

  • OSB4
  • CSB5
  • CSB6
  • HT1000 (PATA port)

Modes Supported



The OSB4 has problems when writing to disk in UDMA mode. As a result OSB4 disk devices are limited to MWDMA modes by the driver. The CSB and HT1000 do not have this limitation. CSB series devices cannot do UDMA100 with some Seagate Barracuda ATA IV drives, and the driver will drop to UDMA66 in this case.

Known Problems

A small number of RAID boards based upon the CSB5/6 chipset appear to have firmware setup that is incompatible with a standard CSB driver. As there is no documentation on such boards they are not guaranteed to work.

Module Options


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