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Has anyone had issues with the MB BIOS blocking the security erase command?

I tested a DOS boot floppy about 2006 with a tool to do this and half our machines in the lab would block the command.

I believe I was testing IDE rotating drives at the time, so it may not relate to SATA SSDs at all.


Recovering from "bricked" drive erased over USB-SATA bridge

I ran into this unfortunate circumstance erasing an 80GB Intel X25-m G2. Forgot the warning and started the erase with an Apricorn USB-SATA adapter.

After the drive appeared bricked (significant numbers of IO errors plugging it into a (native) SATA connection, etc), I discovered that hdparm still recognised it. hdparm -I showed the enabled flag was still set, so I resumed at step 3 with the password I had set earlier, unplugged and reattached the drive and it was recognised by the system.

Whether it's relevant that I attached the "bricked" drive to a running system rather than plugging it in before booting as was mentioned in the warnings or some particular combination of the controllers I was using and just got lucky I'm not sure. Would love to threaten the disk's existence by trying again but it isn't mine so I probably shouldn't.

Qupada 00:10, 16 August 2011 (UTC)

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