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Intel chipsets PATA IDE and SATA in IDE mode


Hardware Support

This driver supports the PATA controllers included with the listed intel chipsets:

  • PIIX3
  • PIIX4
  • ICH0
  • ICH
  • ICH2
  • ICH3
  • C-ICH
  • ICH4
  • ICH5
  • 6300ESB
  • ICH6
  • ICH7
  • ICH8M

This driver also supports the SATA controllers in IDE mode included with the listed intel chipsets:

  • ICH5
  • 6300ESB
  • ICH6
  • ICH7
  • 631xESB, 632xESB
  • ICH8
  • ICH9
  • ICH10
  • IICH
  • PCH
  • EP80579

SATA ports in AHCI mode(on chipset models supporting this mode) are driven by the AHCI driver.

Modes Supported



  • All DMA modes are disabled if PIIX4E is attached at 450NX
  • MWDMA0 is not supported on PATA ports of some ICH
  • MWDMA1 is broken on PATA ports of some ICH
  • ICH supporting AHCI or RAID mode will suffer from SATA port sequence shift when switching from AHCI or RAID to IDE mode and vice versa

Known Problems


Module Options


Programmer documentation

Documentation is available for ICH0, ICH, ICH2, ICH3, ICH4, ICH5 IDE and ICH5 SATA

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