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Intel chipsets PATA IDE and SATA in IDE mode


Hardware Support

This driver supports the PATA controllers included with the listed intel chipsets:

  • PIIX3
  • PIIX4
  • ICH0
  • ICH
  • ICH2
  • ICH3
  • C-ICH
  • ICH4
  • ICH5
  • 6300ESB
  • ICH6
  • ICH7
  • ICH8M

This driver also supports the SATA controllers in IDE mode included with the listed intel chipsets:

  • ICH5
  • 6300ESB
  • ICH6
  • CE3100
  • ICH7
  • NM10
  • 631xESB, 632xESB
  • ICH8
  • ICH9
  • ICH10
  • IICH
  • PCH
  • EP80579

SATA ports in AHCI mode(on chipset models supporting this mode) are driven by the AHCI driver.

Modes Supported



Known Problems

  • CE3100 Stepping A0 is not supported because workarounds are needed to fix errata:
    • DMA burst size must be 64 bytes at most
    • SATA PCI header is not completely PCI compatible
    • SATA PCI Device ID is wrong
    • SATA memory mapped PCI header is wrong

Module Options


Programmer documentation

Documentation is available for ICH0, ICH, ICH2, ICH3, ICH4, ICH5 IDE and ICH5 SATA

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