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Problem description

There is a known hardware issue when libata is used with certain TSSTcorp TS-L623D drives. The user might experience random system freezes for a few minutes periodically. The problem mostly occurs on Acer and Asus laptop computers.

Root cause

It seems that the firmware of the TS-L623D stops responding after being continuously polled by hald-addon-storage.

Affected firmware versions

  • Acer: All firmware versions including AC00 and AC01
  • Asus: All firmware versions including AS05 and AS99
  • Samsung: SC02

Good firmware versions

Samsung SC03

Workaround solution

  1. keep a CD in the TS-L632D drive or
  2. kill the hald-addon-storage process or
  3. cross-flash the drive firmware of TS-L632D to the SC03 version.

How to cross-flash

Be warned that you are at your own risk to cross-flash the firmware of the drive. Also it might void the warranty.

  1. Download the Samsung firmware update utility
  2. Download the Samsung SC03 firmware
  3. Run "sfdnwin -nocheck" to crossflash.
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