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ALi PCI Chipset Integrated PATA Ports


Hardware Support

This driver supports the following ALi/ULi chips:

  • M1533 (UDMA 2)
  • M1543 (UDMA 2)
  • M1543C (UDMA 2)
  • M1535 (UDMA 4)
  • M1535D (UDMA 4)
  • M1535+ (UDMA 5)
  • M1535D+ (UDMA 5)
  • M1563 (UDMA 6)
  • M1567 (UDMA 6)
  • M1573 (UDMA 6)
  • M1575 (UDMA 6)
  • M1689 (UDMA 6)
  • M1697 (UDMA 6)

Modes Supported



ALi M1523 and ALi M1523B are supported neither by the PATA driver nor by the latest IDE driver

DMA engine supports 28 bit LBA only on revisions C4 and earlier, so PIO modes are used for transfers above 137GB

Known Problems

UDMA is turned off on WD disks because UDMA CRC check fails

ATAPI DMA is disabled (use IDE driver instead if you need DMA)

Cannot have two ATAPI devices on the same channel

Older southbridges are limited to 255 sector transfers

Module Options

atapi_dma= - 0 ATAPI DMA is disabled, 1 ATAPI DMA is enabled

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