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This is an attempt to enumerate key Serial ATA hardware features, as correlated with various SATA controller chips and Linux drivers.

Chip Driver NCQ DMA++ hotplug PMP
Apple K2 / SVW Frodo) sata_svw no yes yes no
BCM5785 sata_svw yes yes yes no
ICH5 ata_piix no no no no
ICH6 family ata_piix, ahci AHCI AHCI AHCI no
ICH7 family ata_piix, ahci AHCI AHCI AHCI no
ICH8 family ata_piix, ahci AHCI AHCI AHCI yes
ICH9 family ata_piix, ahci AHCI AHCI AHCI yes
ICH10 family ata_piix, ahci AHCI AHCI AHCI yes
Marvell 5040, 5080 sata_mv no yes yes no
Marvell 6040, 6080 sata_mv yes yes yes no
Marvell 6042, 7042 sata_mv yes yes yes yes
Promise 2037x sata_promise no yes yes no
Promise 2057x sata_promise yes yes yes no
Promise 40518 sata_promise ? yes ? no
Promise 20619 sata_promise ? yes ? no
Promise 20621 sata_sx4 no yes no no
SiI 311x sata_sil no yes yes no
SiI 3124 sata_sil24 yes yes yes yes
SiS 96x sata_sis no no no no
ULi 528x sata_uli no no no no
VIA 642x sata_via no no no no
Intel 31244 sata_vsc yes no no no
Vitesse 7174 sata_vsc yes no no no


Chip the chip, or chip family, associated with this row of data
Driver Linux driver(s)
NCQ Supports FPDMA
DMA++ DMA engine is more advanced than standard PCI IDE BMDMA engine.
hotplug Supports interrupt-driven device hotplug and hot unplug. Note that hotplug can often be "hacked" via polling, even if hardware does not natively support it.
PMP Supports SATA port multipliers. "FIS" is FIS-based context switching, the greatly preferred technology. "cmd" is command-based context switching, much slower. "no" means no support at all.
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