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This is an attempt to enumerate key Serial ATA hardware features, as correlated with various SATA controller chips and Linux drivers.

Chip Driver NCQ DMA++ hotplug
BCM5785 (SVW Frodo) sata_svw newer yes yes
ICH5 ata_piix no no no
ICH6 family ata_piix, ahci AHCI AHCI AHCI
ICH7 family ata_piix, ahci AHCI AHCI AHCI
ICH8 family ata_piix, ahci AHCI AHCI AHCI
ICH9 family ata_piix, ahci AHCI AHCI AHCI
ICH10 family ata_piix, ahci AHCI AHCI AHCI
Marvell 5040, 5080 sata_mv no yes yes
Marvell 6040, 6080 sata_mv yes yes yes
Marvell 6042, 7042 sata_mv yes yes yes
Promise 2037x sata_promise no yes yes
Promise 2057x sata_promise yes yes yes
Promise 40518 sata_promise ? yes ?
Promise 20619 sata_promise ? yes ?
Promise 20621 sata_sx4 no yes no
SiI 311x sata_sil no yes yes
SiI 3124 sata_sil24 yes yes yes
SiS 96x sata_sis no no no
ULi 528x sata_uli no no no
VIA 642x sata_via no no no
Intel 31244 sata_vsc yes no no
Vitesse 7174 sata_vsc yes no no


Chip the chip, or chip family, associated with this row of data
Driver Linux driver(s)
NCQ Supports FPDMA
DMA++ DMA engine is more advanced than standard PCI IDE BMDMA engine.
hotplug Supports interrupt-driven device hotplug and hot unplug. Note that hotplug can often be "hacked" via polling, even if hardware does not natively support it.
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