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Other pages say that SATA/PATA TCQ will never be supported, yet this page talks about chips which do or don't support TCQ, or "supports TCQ but not NCQ".

If this is a "hardware status" page, then fine, talk about chips which could potentially have TCQ drivers and which could not. But it is "Hardware and driver status". The entry for a chip thus corresponds to the hardware AND the driver, and shouldn't say it supports TCQ when it doesn't, IMHO.

It's probably incorrect/misleading. At the very least it's confusing.

unless the drivers really do support TCQ, in which case the date of its merging should be posted elsewhere on the wiki.


This page uses the acronym "PM" a lot without any clarity about whether this means Power Management or Port Multiplier.TimSmall 14:36, 23 December 2009 (UTC)

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